Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Pause for a Parade on Labor Day

As national protests marched for better wages for employees of McDonald's across the USA, hundreds walked in Hamtramck, MI., a diverse international community, September 2nd to mark Labor Day.

De La Salle's high school band with Regina High School girls wearing the De la Salle shirts, followed the Wayne County Executive, Mayor of Hamtramck, Police Chief, and more.

Moving north along Jos. Campau from Holbrook to the annual festival of food, rides, dancing, and plenty of drinking, several seminary students who arrived recently from Poland also walked in black cassocks amid the cool and sunshine that fell upon the crowd.

While some civic leaders invited me to walk with them, interfaith representatives walked alongside the public servants. 

Comments and questions filled our every step related to chemical weapons and Syria, the plurality of religions in Hamtramck, including a Jewish Cemetary, and multiple mosques.

After the walk, a group of us had tea or coffee and ice cream at Palmas, a Bosnian Café on Caniff.

Hamtramck's parade ran smoothly, impressing me no end.

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