Saturday, September 7, 2013

Fall Feeling and Summer's Fading

Catch your breath.

Others would say that to me often as I was growing up.

They wanted me to slow down.  And, to pause, even.

It worked.

It helped me to regularly take time to pray and contemplate for twenty minutes twice a day.

That ritual and rite of passage from summer to fall, enters my mind these days.

Routines are like that.

They are.

We need regimens like three square meals a day with small portions of food.

And, exercise most days of the week for an hour at least.

Jogging with my dog, Woof, provides that first thing in the morning after some prayer.

Rest is a word that derives from the Hebrew, meaning, "to catch your breath."

Such a pause is key to a balanced life.

Otherwise, I'm off center, even eccentric, not balanced, and, perhaps not good for anyone, let alone

Fall's frenetic force is upon us.

School bells ring and fall brings a frenetic pace.

Slowing down to savor these final breaths of summer is a good thing.

It is.

Time on our watch moves fast.

After all, life is short when measured by the clock.

And, me!

It is!

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