Thursday, September 12, 2013

Coconuts, City, Country Culture of Crime

Another human being was shot in the head.

A State Trooper. 

Hardworking, decent, with a soft heart, reports indicated.

Chefs cook with today's craze with 'things' coconuts everywhere, it seems.  As common as crime are coconut uses today. 

Less deadly, of course, even if used to throw the opiod-shaped nut at another when embattled.

A troubled 19-year-old shot the trooper in the head during a routine traffic stop in northern Michigan, 80 miles from Grand Rapids, MI.

His wife, an accomplice, helped the murdered flee.

It keeps happening as it's more common than blowing one's nose.

Go figure.

Wait for the next one to be killed by a gun.


Well, waiting spikes war casualties.

Laws need to help angry hearts to stop the liberal gun laws from slaying another soul.

Leaders need to act.

Allowing us all to have guns will have us all -- most of us hostages-- murdered one way or another in an addicted, gun-saturated society.

This is far from overreaction.

Our national and local obsession with the need for assault weapons is a pathology in need of 12-step therapy.

How long have we been battling sensible gun law's?

Too long.

A calmer city culture is possible.

After all, sticks stones, squirt guns and bows and arrows worked in the past.

And, the statistics proved it.

We had to resolve our conflicts with conversation and talk.

Now, people have such disdain for patience and each other, that only quick solutions with guns work for so many.

Stop the carnage.

We need to stand together against weapons.

When will we?

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