Monday, September 23, 2013

From the Flock

They're consistently there.

They're available.


Even predictable.

They are.

My flock.

And, they come through when I need them, or not.

It's true.

When pressed, they're there.  But, they are faithful and loyal even when I'm not in need of them.

That's how they are.

My teachers.

Like the disciples who were taught by their Master, Jesus, Woofie and Karah are true blue believers!

They are!

Spontaneously, they remind me to take time to play, to smell the flowers, if you will, and, to enjoy life's day.

They show me a full life even though they rest much of the day.  And, look out the window!  That's when they remind me of praying again, of being still, silent, and, shutting up for twenty minutes or so.


Most of the time, they are willing and wanting to engage in play, "wasting time," time out!

At eight weeks old, Karah needs to learn a few things for me, for us to live together well.

She does.

This black and brown Chawahwa/Yorkie, I'm told, is being "potty" trained outside.  No easy fete.
And, age-appropriately, she will learn.

So, she teaches me patience also.

Walking on a leash is another matter.

She goes "still" on me when off for another daily walk.  Her eyes penetrate mine, as she wonders why?

Why the loss of freedom to wildly run here and there and everywhere.

Why boundaries?


All of this while Woofie, my white Bichon Firse of three years of age, wants little to do with the pup.

That is, for the most part.

Yet, he's learning also.  Right along with me. 

We're all learning.

We are.

Just the way, we're supposed to each fresh, new September day of autumn's debut, fragrance and change of tone all about us.

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