Friday, September 27, 2013

Killing Jesus

This Jesus of history book gives the brutal details of Jesus' demise, according to co-author Bill O'Riley, with his researcher.


"Because Jesus did nothing, and was crucified," according to the writers.

One consultant with Fox News who happens to be a priest praised the book for new information he gleaned from the thick tome.

Like O'Riley's other books, this is a head-turner of a volume.

It is.

A Catholic newsman, O'Riley does a world of good with this one.

The video violence strewn across our streets, and, screens at home needs addressing.

And, the authors are on target as they get the attention of all of us needing to step up to the plate in parenting with quality time for the children, and more, to prevent further violence that is more common than blowing one's nose, it seems today.

With multiple chapters and documentation, this story is one to be told again in they eyes of another "good news" writer like O'Riley.

After all, the greatest story every told merit our minds and heart to turn in troubling times to Jesus who shows us the way to stop the carnage careening everywhere these days with only yawns in response from authorities and parents also, I believe.

We all can do more.

O'Riley leads in igniting the conversation again when the NRA, Police, and D.C. are so divided about gun boundaries, and more.

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