Thursday, April 3, 2014

Against the Tide: The Radical Leadership of Pope Francis

A new tome.

It's a year since Pope Francis became head of the universal Catholic Church.

And, Liguori Publications has published John Allen's book titled above in the post tag.

The Pope of Mercy.

That's how he is dubbed.

"Miserando atque eligendo," a Latin phrase that means, "choosing by having mercy."

That's a line on his coat of arms.

It comes from a line from the Venerable Bede's homily.

Jesus and Zachaeus, the tax collector, comprises the content of the sermon of Bede.

Zachaeus is a sinner. 

A well-known one like all of us.

(Who doesn't know this fact, even though most hide the truth that we are human and limited.)

Jesus invites Zak to follow him despite sin.

God never tires of forgiving.  I do.  Perhaps, you also!

Francis  seeks the lost and gives us hope.

And, healing.

For sure.

A pope of mercy.

Couple that with a community of mercy that each of us is called to shape and be part of daily.

To care for each other, and lift up the one who may need me most at any given moment.

Divine Mercy, to be sure.

A head-turner of a book.

(To order, call, 800 325 9521, Code 14307 to order 5 or more copies at $3.99 each).

The beatification rite for two former popes, John the XXIII and John Paul II approaches soon.

A day to behold in a Church of the old and the new, the classic and the fresh Scripture and Tradition of an age-old institution that seems tired and tried. 

Yet, she is a Spartan enduring long-suffering.

And, full of virtue, the strength to be carried through it all by Christ the Lord of live, love, and mercy
abounding always.