Friday, April 25, 2014

Jimmy Carter: A Call to Action - Women, Religion, Violence and Power

The Carter Center gathered religious leaders, scholars and activists to align religious and political life with full equality for girls and women. 

Carter's latest tome tells of human trafficking, abuse and the violence that needs addressing the world over.

Human slaves.

Body mutilation.

Legitimized murder on a massive scale.

Men and boys are not superior to women and girls, Carter claims.

Such thinking is supported by some male religious leaders who distort the Bible, the Koran, and other sacred texts to perpetuate that women are inferior and unqualified to serve God on equal terms, the former president notes.

Shame on us.

Such a premise seems to justify physical punishment of women and girls, claims Carter.

"Contributing to the abuse of women and girls is an acceptance of violence, from unwarranted armed combat to excessive and biased punishment for those who violate the law, writes Jimmy Carter who addresses suffering of women and girls who are denied equal rights.

Why are they?

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