Friday, April 11, 2014

Silence, Sickness, Authority and God

No longer do I trust in human authority alone.

In God we trust.  That's on currency for all to read. And, to make it meaningful, the late William Cunningham and Eleanor Josaitis, of Detroit's Focus:HOPE would press a penny into the palm of people they made.

With an admonition:  "Remember in whom we trust!"

Perhaps it was around the 80s when authority was put in its place, so to speak.


People no longer seemed to rely on the authority of God. Rebellion ruled.  "Selfies" shined ego!

They resorted to one's own whims, wishes, and desires, following their own versions of truth with a small T!

Of course this has been true throughout human history.

However, a tremendous turn from God to one's own truth and authority became paramount, it seems to me, in the last few decades.

Relegating God to "just in case" ruled.  I believe with my lips but not my lives, some seemed to suggest. My heart was far from the authority of God's Word, for example.

The candid conversion of the late physician, Bernard Nathanson, MD., a pioneer in the abortion industry, is a case in point.

After enormous amounts of abortions at his hand and scalpel, Dr. Nathanson's ways and "authority" turned to God's hands leading and guiding him after the murders of over 175,000 babies.

Anyone of us can rely on his or her own authority alone, sad to admit.

It is insufficient.

When I was ordained a Catholic priest in 1976, the revered John F. Dearden reminded me to be sure that what I preached was "God justice, God's truth," and, not my own.

Wise words.  Well spoken!


God's own.

Now, I more fully  realize that unless I stand up for the most vulnerable "on the edge" human beings, this culture will continue to be sick.

And, we need to imagine a way out of that path placing one's self in the hand of the Creator, and, his authority.

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