Saturday, April 19, 2014


Humans need hope.

We need healing.

Without both, life is hard.

Easter's 50 days give the evergreen virtue of hope, of possibilities amid struggles and challenges that the trek through life faces.

Faces and faith merge with hope, even healing, that morphing and mending so needed in South Korea when hundreds perish in a ferry capsizing this week, and, problems elsewhere.

The victory of Jesus Christ over death, sin, and a life lived well for the common good soothes souls.

Amid Roman and Judean rule and oppression, people sought hope from an earthly king.  Jesus' kingdom is not of this world, however.  It is beyond us.

We inch along and do what we can to be for and with one another in healing.

We do.

Ever so slowly.

Like the Easter bunny, or empty colored eggs, Christ is risen.  And, the shell is filled with hope and healing.

Happy Easter all fifty days of celebration beyond the 40 of Lent's fasting and praying.

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