Friday, August 1, 2014

A Pot Luck Picnic Sunday at Belle Isle Park

Crowds will be busy Sunday, August 3rd from 12 noon until 5 pm at Detroit's jewel of a park, Belle Isle.

We will gather on Central near the Playcape area.

The sun is scheduled to shine widely upon us. 

Bit, even if it rained we would enjoy the shower some, wait, and, get back to the busy schedule the planners set.

Not a dull moment Sunday.

Too much for me.

I like more calm and quiet to talk and sit and sip a beverage with the homeless who attend also.

It's nestled downtown at East Grand Boulevard and Jefferson blocks from where I overlook it at home.

Diverse people will bring various kinds of food to feast upon with all faiths and generations who will play soccer, get their faces painted, dance, drum, and more.

It's the third annual picnic for all.

Cost-free and family friendly we'll pray and give praise to the Creator of trees, rivers, and living temples, at 12 noon.

Kosher hot dogs and an array of dishes will satisfy then.

Kids will run and sing, while adults will engage eyes and voices of diversity with one another.

I relish this annual event.

Join me.

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