Saturday, August 9, 2014

Weddings in the Woods, and, at the Water at Stoney Creek, Michigan

O happy bliss!

Alicja is getting married at Stoney Creek in metropolitan Detroit, MI., later today.  She's my brother's daughter, the daughter he raised and loves.

Conversation is abuzz about it.


One relative refused to attend since the couple are "naturalists" who revere the water, the elements, the trees, and more.

Let it be.


The couple love each other.

And, they enjoy nature.  And, want a wedding by the water.

So . . .

Let it be.

Let them be.

Relish the relationship of matrimonial bliss.  Attend the wedding.

After all, love is love.

"Love your neighbor as yourself," the Good Book says.

And, "Love one another."

"God is love."


Not sure I can improve on that.

May the newlyweds "I do" be forever.

For ever!

That's another blog, however.

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