Thursday, August 7, 2014

Spirited Service of Praise

When I showed up to support the pastor at World Deliverance Temple in Dearborn Heights, Michigan, Tuesday, I sensed I was in for a lively service of praise.

A drummer, keyboard players, and more were plenty.

The week-long conference hosted a variety of speakers including Pastor Winans of Perfecting Church in Detroit.  And, his voice reminded me of an experience at his church years ago when he sang and I felt like I was in heaven, not that I know what that is like.

A grateful pastor welcomed the inter and intra-faith clergy.

Pastors are like that.

They know that linking our lives in God is crucial to ministry and more.

The Pentecostal service had the Imam wondering as I prepared him for what to expect.

He was grateful.

And, he accepted that people worship differently, saying, "I don't judge; God will sort them all out."

How true.


We clapped.  We shouted and prayed in tongues, even danced in praise of the Maker.

One's entire being is engaged here, I thought.

A Catholic physician turned from his front row saying, "We Catholics should try this!"

Why not, I thought.

God awaits our entire being to fully engage.  And, although we are more cerebral, I think there's room for diversity of ways of worshiping.

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