Monday, August 11, 2014

Building Up Marriage and Family Is Theme at People's Community Services Center Sunday

By Fr. Lawrence Ventline, D.Min.

Metro-Detroit area residents are welcome to the People's Community Services Center August 17 to learn some skills to build their marriage and family, according to Common Word Alliance leader, Arif Huskic of Hamtramck.

Starting at 4 pm, Mayor Karen Majewski will greet the guests and their family, that includes child care at the site at 8625 Joseph Campau at Danforth.

Refreshments will be served at 6:15, following nine workshops, including Islamic and Buddhists perspective on marriage and family development, ways to fight fair in love and marriage, teens and parents hearing one another, how to find a job and support your family, how to find the right person for marriage, family addictions and alcohol, and maintaining peace in the neighborhood.

Among those leading workshops are Imams Ali Suliman, Mohamed Almasmari and Mohammad Ali Elahi, Revs. David Kasbow and Dharmananda Mahathera, Rabbi Dorit Edut, and Sister Grace Keane.

The event is free.  For more information, call (313) 999 5483, or e-mail,


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