Thursday, August 7, 2014

A Spiral of Failed Functioning

When a customer at a local restaurant ordered poached egg, oatmeal and yogurt, the server reported that they were out of yogurt.

"Would you like something else,"  I overheard her say to the patron.

"OK," I overheard again, "I'll have turkey patties," he said.

The waitress forgot the eggs and let the cashier know that the lack of yogurt seemed to confuse the waitstaff.

"Oh," she said, as I waited behind the customer to pay for my breakfast.  "At times, the trucks say they will bring yogurt when they forget to load it, but never do," the cashier told the waiting customer.

And, so goes the cycle of failed functioning.

How we are connected, I thought, as the cashier rang me out as I paid my bill.

We are.

When one function is upset, others follow.

Like with the yogurt.

We are so tied into each other and the cycle of service, aren't we?

Taking responsibility for the job I have at hand will assist in keeping the spiral functioning well.

Or, else.

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