Saturday, September 18, 2010

Can't We Just Get Along?

A bevy of birds.

Plenty of noise from Canadian geese grabbed the attention of my Bichon Frise puppy, Wolfie, and me this rainy Saturday morning in Harrison Township, Michigan.

As we watched, and Wolfie wanted to attack, I noticed one bird hovering low with neck and legs zooming in with a loud sound toward another fleeing bird.

Can't we just get along?

Everyone seems to be fighting these days: Political parties, neighors, bullies, and the military securing our nation, or, perhaps, thoughts of invading another, soon, God forbid!

Is it in our nature, our, our genes to wage battle with each other?

What is it?

Are our hearts conflicted?

In our hearts, that's where war begins, I recall a Trappist monk saying while on retreat years

In my heart?


How true.

I must settle my heart to keep family and nation at peace.

Canadian geese.

The Canadians have a small armed forces I hear, and, are a nation at peace, for the most part, it seems.

Their geese?

That's another story as they invaded Jefferson and Crocker Roads this morning.

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