Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sad State of Media Who Make Media Hounds Like Pastor Jones

Media make hounds for the media like Pastor Terry Jones.

It is a shame society has evolved to this. Glowing in so-called fame for a few is a product, however of the media.

Like a parent who spoils a young child who give her or him everything, the media looks for people to savor and relish in the glow of cameras for their moment.

Media is the lone institution who have gone unchallenged. Media hold the influence and have the final word, and, media knows it.

Pastor Terry Jones needs to get personal phone calls from clergy today. I beg clergy of all faith traditions to call him as soon as possible and speak truth in love. Call Pastor Jones at 362 371 2487.

Tonight I called him and left a voice mail asking him to quit this disgraceful behavior.

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