Thursday, September 16, 2010

Paradise President Obama NOT Yet!

So two years into office, we expect the President of the good ole U.S. of A. to have stopped the bleeding and put us back into prosperity, or else . . .

Are we impatient?

Too quick to assess his legacy?

Afraid of losses in our own personal economy?

Perhaps greedy for the good ole days when the economy was flying high and we were in the black?

And, another President has us living the really good life?

I don't quite get all the divisiveness in this Nation I love.

I don't get what may be covert hate, and not so undercover by some who lack respect for the authority and Office of the President.

Even some who claim to follow the New Testament aren't willing to pray for and respect those in authority.

So. . . please tell me, please....

What are we encountering in America?

Are these the days back to McCarthyism?

Maybe racism?

Perhaps worse?

Tell me what's in all this name calling and anger about?

What's it all about?

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  1. Dear Father,

    You raised some very important questions that I think concern most Americans. I think some people expected President Obama to come into office within the first year or two of his presidency, wave a magic wand, and fix the many problems in our society.

    The hatred, bigotry, and divisiveness you described is a sad reality. However, it seems that the media and our elected officials at various levels would rather exploit these issues for votes or TV ratings, than to sincerely try to be part of the solution.

    I would like to say that President Obama, by the nature of his position, is one of the world's most influential people. With that influence comes a big responsibility. With that said, I hope his next two years involve more peacemaking and reconciliation on the international arena. I think many people around the world placed their hopes in him and although he's done a lot of talking, we have seen very little action. We do not want (nor can afford) anymore wars. We don't want to lose anymore of our brave young men & women in the American Military, while big corporations, foreign governments, and certain lobby groups are the main benefactors. We want our government to spend these billions of dollars here at home on education, social improvements, or ending world hunger, not on stockpiling weapons.

    I would like to also say that America is a land of resiliency. I would like to think that for every person who promotes conflict, there are many more Americans who seek to promote peace and understanding. A real friend points out the flaws of his comrade, because he cares. Similarly, if we love this great nation, we should not be afraid to point out its flaws, so that it may improve, or progress.

    Positive reform begins with a thought and is built at the grass-roots level. With that said, I commend you Father for bringing up these issues and for the work you do for this community everyday. I hope all is well with you! Hope to see you soon.

    -M. Abbass