Thursday, September 16, 2010

OCD, Scrupulosity

Obsessive compulsive behavior.

We also call it scrupulosity.

We all know the senseless search for something trivial that was lost.

Novelist, pastor and sociologist Andrew Greeley tells the story of a very wealthy golfer who planned to golf.

The only problem?

He thought it would rain on his parade, on his 10th hole that day.

So he told his golfing partners to go ahead.

He'd meet there there once he found his favorite cap.

It wasn't in his duffle bag.

Or, his golf bag.

Or, in the clubhouse.

He looked again in all these places.

No find.

He asked his wife if she knew where that cap was.

"I threw it out; it's ugly."

He found it in the trash.

He put it on and drove to the golf course.

They were on the 12th hole.

And, it didn't even rain.

(The Gospel of St. Luke, Chapter 15, tells a similar story).

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