Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Winter Wonderland

Winter is not welcomed by people I know.

They hate shoveling snow. One woman I know
complains all the time about the snow and its
impact on her life.

"I don't like winter," she often says to me.

Winter means different things to folks.

It changes people's behavior. Some sleep more, while
others are challenged to enjoy the snow and ski or
walk outside.

When the temperatures are really cold, I tend to stay
home and forget about going out. And, when there
is snow on the way I remain close to home.

Weather does have a lot to do with one's disposition
and attitude.

Amid these snowy, cold and wintry days, I find myself
waiting for the emergence of Spring.

The seasons play a role in God's creation, I'm sure.
Why God made winter, spring, fall and summer is unkown
to me.

What I do know, however, is that as one gets older, one
is challenged by the wet, heavy snow and cold.

Elders abhor winter and flee South often, while others
simply complain as the way of coping.

Michigan's winter wonderland.

We sure do talk about it.

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