Thursday, December 1, 2011

December Days, Daze

Somehow, my e-mail account was re-directed.

Contrived, whoever did it intended harm. And, wanted money sent to Madrid since I was ambushed and hospitalized.

Twice now this hacking happened.

Calls of concern poured in early today. Glad people checked before sending requested money in this horror story. What others must go through also. Man's inhumanity to man!

Here we go again trying to restore the system.

One's entire system has to be restored. All data needs to be erased. The computer has to be set like when it was purchased brand new.

There is no way to police such activity, I'm told.

The hacker(s) secure password or code and go to it.


When will all this end?

Or, will it do us in? As so many are expereincing these days. And, left hanging there to fix the problem.

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