Friday, April 12, 2013


People who want me to spell out my beliefs that only engage the mind is futile.

Faith is far from reason alone.

It involves one's total being of the spiritual, emotional and rational.

Faith is deeper than knowledge alone.  It is indeed a leap into the realm that some only want to know.
Yet, knowing alone won't work when it comes to faith.

Of course, religion have done inspiring and miraculous deeds.  It has also done, however, terrible things in the name of God.  Where people are, there will also be virtuous and less than that.

My faith is reasoned, balanced, fair and fruitful, it seems to me.

It has served me well through decades of life in desolation and consolation.  Faith is a good beyond price or even eyes of systems that move to extremes without moderation.  Systems can move to attachment disorders in their addictive and venture needs.

Out of control thoughts and deeds without balance are usually bad for us.

My faiths runs through my being like blood pours through my heart each moment.  Faith assures me that God is the ultimate being who lets be.

God runs the world.

When I want to be the driver, deeds go awry and I fall flat.  With God's guidance I let my ego and self go, and rely on  the Source of satisfaction, of the good and true.

Beauty rests there.

Faith fulfills every dream, hope and prosperous purpose.

It is like that.

For sure.

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