Sunday, April 7, 2013

OUR MOMENTS, and the Movie, Restless Heart: The Confessions of Augustine, April 14, 4 pm AMC Star, 35705 Gratiot, N. of 15 Mile in Clinton Twp., MI.

It's described as a magazine for in-depth stories on inspiration, formation and faith. And, there's a riveting movie on Augustine who shaped much of the way of Jesus after Saul who morphed into Paul the apostle, called, RESTLESS HEART.

Even more.

Tales of fasting, of the life of a deacon in the Catholic Church, on the unborn, vocations, and, the story of St. Mark's on Harsen's Island, MI., in St. Clair County, and, so much more.

Published by the Rev. Robert Schuster who is editor-in-chief, OUR MOMENTS, is a rare chance to look deeply into the faith of Catholics.

It's a head-turner of a piece with photos, colorful, crisp, long on words, and limited in editing and websites for ongoing and more information. 

Told by parishioners, the Spring and Winter publication, reminds me of the late Bishop Kenneth Untenter's, SEASONS.  Its  topics bring Good News to inform the faithful, among the curious, and, those interested in the Catholic community.

A quick review will appoint a designated time to sit in an E-Z chair to cozy up for a story or two.

Ideas become stories.

Ideas make sense only in story and example as illustrated in OUR MOMENTS.  Zorba the Greek's
piece concludes that, while, this publication applies illustrations to ideas well, and wonderfully.

"There's a lot of history in there," one usher shouted as we parted after Mass Saturday night, and, he locked Holy Cross Church in Marine City, one of the triumvirate churches composing the unique piece.

To be savored and relished during this fresh Spring season, like the rite of baseball bats beaming balls beyond one's reach in Tiger town Detroit, OUR MOMENTS, satisfies the spiritual thirst and has one ready to taste more.

A home run.

Far out and deep into my soul and into the heavens it took this reader.


A man doesn't find the truth.  Man must let the truth find him or her.

RESTLESS HEART: THE CONFESSIONS OF AUGUSTINE, shows Sunday, April 14 at 4 pm in the AMC Star Gratiot, 35705 Gratiot Avenue, North of 15 Mile Road in Clinton Township, MI. $10.
More information at, or (313) 407 2285.


A winner of a film for the faithful viewing one man's struggle, debates on beliefs, and much more to keep you glued to the screen.  I saw it and savored it.

For sure.

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