Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Unleashing the Power Within

Pentecost follows the Easter season of fifty full days of celebrating a vigorous life.

Pentecost is a powerful experience of the Holy Spirit in one's life.

It is.


Yet, fear can be an obstacle to reveling in the Spirit.

And, in Pentecost.

Unleashing and unlocking doors that block one's best self is a challenge these days.

While one often lacks a plan or an aim with lowered expectations, the power one has can beautifully unfold anew with the fire of the Holy Spirit.

It can.

Back in the 80s I participated in a transformative experience, walked across a bed of hot coals near Cobo Center in Detroit, Michigan, and renewed living where it was less that it could be.

I learned to live with passion and ardor.

Enthusiasm was unlocked.

And more.

One can break through limits and live a quality of life one desires in faith.

Anthony Robbins led the experience.

Another priest invited me to join him.

Fear about the experience was overcome.

TonyRobbins.com/Chicago, 800 331 2046.

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