Thursday, November 14, 2013

ACLC, Las Vegas, NV

Their 'rocking and rollin' at the ACLC in Las Vegas this week.

Clergy of the American Clergy Leadership Conference with the theme of being ambassadors for the Good News are listening to the diverse and varied voices meeting in the Riveria Hotel.

Baptists, Catholics, Unification, and more are meeting.

And, they are mounting an offensive to keep the momentum of their movement going, participants say.

Amid terrorism threats to the Nation, another alternative way is suggested, organizers and speakers are shouting.

In fact, the son of the deceased founder, is challenging the crowd to mount an offensive to counter the terror threatening the U.S.

Some dismissed the youngest son of  Rev. S. Y. Moon as "too young" to make such a plea, while others are ready to roll with the plan.

Thursday, attendees were getting ready to do 'street evangelization' at the Riviera Hotel on the strip.

They hope to get ears who will listen to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, participants said.

Hundreds will return to their churches and organizations Friday after listening to Latter Day Saints' speakers intending to strengthenmarraige and family with daily prayer, discipline of children, and more in a cultre run rampant, one attendee complained.

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