Monday, November 25, 2013

Mystical Moments

No longer a need to condemn or exclude.

Divisions, separations, and so much more pass by. And, are given little, or, no energy.

That's what Richard Rohr notes as mystical moments.

How true.

Being head over heel in love with God is how Trappist monk Thomas Keating onced defined mysticism.

I like that description.

It goes beyond dogma, even religion right to one's soul connecting with God and others far from any need to be 'perfect' -- whatever that daunting attempt has been for so much of my earlier life.

Now, being the best human being I can be in the Creator works well.

Connecting with creation, and, all others, is an aim that with God's help, I can do, even 'be' my way into daily.

The path of perfection drained my inner life.

Now, it's accepting pure joy in whatever, whoever comes my way.

Even the anxious turkeys who huddle and  seem headed toward Canada away from Detroit's borders these days.

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