Saturday, November 9, 2013

"In him we live and move and have our being..." - Paul to the Athenians, Acts 17: 28


We do.

At least, I do!

No kidding.

Earlier today in Harrison Township, Michigan, a young gal wondered what I was doing at Crocker and Metropolitan Parkway.

She did.

We talked.  Enjoyed some stories and even laughed.

Then, she asked me why I was at the corner with my sandwich-board sign about TRUTH.


That's what I told her I was doing and being about for the hour.  A holy hour that fills my time each day in between appointments with individuals and groups who come for attachment disorders, communications issues, love dysfunction, and much more.

Equipped with a simple sign, pamphlets and Rosaries and miraculous medals, the gal and I were fired up, you may say.

A Macomb Community College student, she's now an evangelist.

We share the love of Jesus Christ -- the Golden Rule -- in a time, society and culture that is aching for much more than it now offers.

A deep ache.

That gets filled with street evangelizing, often.

We share the hope in our hearts, the virtues and values of the Catholic Church that Jesus founded thousands of years ago.

Call me at 586 777 9116 for more, please.

Or, join me regularly on the streets of Macomb County, MI.

I need you.

The world wants you to help.

You'll be glad we met the Maker, and more!

You will.


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