Monday, November 18, 2013

Gratefully Yours

My hearts turns toward thanks this time of the year.

It does.

It's enlarged, you may say.


I'm more conscious of my efforts to be more mindful of the Golden Rule, or respect, and more.

I am.

We need this Thanksgiving Day reminder.

After all, it was Seneca who noted that we need less new information and more reminders in life.

Furthermore, the Greek, word, "eucharistan," means "thanksgiving."  For Catholics, Mass is that act of gratefulness each time we celebrate the holy sacrifice and God's eternal Word.

Thanks are in order for my family, my extended community of friends also, and for acquaintances who are so many, praise God.

Often, one engages the word, 'friend' for all people she or he meets, or knows.  However, one has few friends and many acquaintances in life.

We do.

Psalm 142 emerges these holy holidays:

"As the deer longs for living water, so my soul longs for you, O my God."

Happy Thanksgiving Day all year long!

I'm grateful!

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