Saturday, November 30, 2013

Dear God

It's Saturday morning.

Another good day.  After all, you, our God are good all the time; all the time you are good, Creator, Redeemer, and, the One who makes us holy saints this day after the Thanksgiving memorial for turkeys, and more.

Rest, fresh air, a walk with Cara and Woofie, some time with you in contemplation, and, here at the Clinton Township Library in Michigan, north of Detroit, my hometown City.

It's enjoyable.

The moments in the sun from my window, the breeze on the balcony in this modest condominium across from Lake St. Clair, MI.

Never have I felt so at peace, God,  and secure as in this home in Harrison Township, MI., commonly referred to as "Boat Town," although maintaining one would be beyond my modest budget and earnings of $2,000.00 with $500 of that for cost of living.  Whoever determined that doesn't pay bills like the rest of humanity each month.

What an earth and people you have made to praise you!


While turkeys seemed to be getting out of town, heading south toward Windsor, Canada, next door and across the Detroit River, I was sitting down for a turkey dinner in Oak Park, MI.

While spread to the winds of the earth, my siblings and I couldn't get together, yet, perhaps at Christmas we'll determine a day together.  Two sisters were ill and another will not budge with her husband about eating elsewhere than Romeo, MI.

After all, I never want to idolize one single day as the 'perfect' day or else.

Or else, the picture perfect postcard won't happen, and disappointment abounds.

Off this day to Henry Ford Medical Center to visit Derigi Pascelli with breathing issues once more.

Then, some street evangelizing, and then the Ohio/Michigan ballgame from the E-Z chair at home
with the two dogs.  And then, some more prayer, and, a visit to cousins on the other side of town.

Thanks, O God, for so much so often!

The life you give in both bad and good times is good always.



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