Wednesday, January 22, 2014

January 22

Roe v. Wade.

There was little if any mention of the anniversary of the high court's ruling on abortion.

What gives?

Pope Francis' outrage at abortion was hardly covered by the media.  Yet, the media seems to use his messages to enforce their own positions.

News is news.

And, thousands of marchers defending life in and outside the womb today, at the Mall in Washington, D.C., is news, for sure.

Shame on the press for doing less than reporting news these days.

Digital and print reporters seem to simply write about what they agree with when it comes to news.

Up close and personal, I've witnessed abortion.

When a mother carries a baby, believers need to walk with her and provide her with all the support needed to give birth to a healthy child.

Talk is cheap.

Action in support of the wellness of pregnant moms, from uncommitted dads also, and those who choose life at every stage need to accompany mothers.

When others simply sit and support the taking of human life, others need to stand together to speak out against abortion.

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