Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Out of the Shadow

Teachers, sports players, clergy, among others need to be transparent about their sexual orientation.

Given that gays, for example, are persecuted, and more, staying closeted is one's lone option.

However, issues will emerge if one chooses not to come out of the shadows of her or his life.

It breaks my heart, for example, to witness the overwhelming sexual abuse and boundary violations of clergy these past five decades, and beyond, I'm sure.

A bishop was recently alleged with abuse and stepped down, according to policies of the diocese, does not perform public ministry, but, works in his office daily, for example.

It seems to me that if this bishop, like Bishop Gene Robinson who came out as a gay man,  among other clergy came out, the cycle of the abuse would be stopped.

Life is like that.

Until one's life is fully embraced, violence to one's self, one's soul, and others occurs, sad to say.

One needs to embrace her or his sexuality in order that inappropriate, even criminal behavior does not erupt when clandestine acting out occurs readily.

Like a big beach ball that is pressed into a bath tub full of water finds a way to buoy up out of the water, so does one's behavior erupts.

Life is like that.

To accept and acclaim one's sexuality is critical to health and wellness.

I was saddened to speak on the phone recently with a bishop who needs to embrace who he is in order to stop the inappropriate, even criminal behavior.

Institutional and personal denial  of one's orientations exacerbates problems, when 'don't ask, don't tell' is the choice.

God help this brother pastor, and others, who fail to step up and celebrate their sexuality, whether straight, gay or otherwise.

I know.

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