Saturday, January 25, 2014


FEBRUARY 2, 2014
                                Malachi 3:1-4   Psalm 24:8   Hebrews 2:14-18   Luke 2:22-40


We all like it, I'm sure!

And, we can't do without it.

We stumble in the dark, may be cautious about it, and more.

These days are even getting lighter and brighter.

And, churches are filled with light from candles and the blessing of them this day, the Feast of the Presentation.

A procesion with the light is accompanied by the canticle, Nunc Dimittis (that is, "Lord, now let your servant go in peace!"

The last flicker of the Christmas season seems to observe the presentation of Jesus in the Jerusalem temple.  And, the outdoor manger scene at the Vatican remains until this day.

It seems as though we can't let go of God becoming flesh.

We call this the Incarnation, God taking on human flesh, like your own dignity and mine.
 Such worthiness indeed!

Malachi tells of the Lord coming to occupy his temple.

But, it is almost terrifying how the prophet presents this occasion with God's purifying fire.

This fire consumes all the defiles true worship of the Creator.

An undefiled and pure offering is called for here.

On the other hand, the Gospel has Luke, the evangelist, a good news bearer, shows the Lord entering the temple small, as a infant, with little majesty or might.

Simeon sees in this child Jesus the salvation of God (the word means healing, like salve, and how Christ came to save us all from sin and death).

Simeon is the loyal servant who remains faithful forever.

He awaits the Messiah his entire life.

The Messiah is a light to the Gentiles (us, the non Jews!)

The child is indeed a light to the nations and the glory (weight) of Israel, the one enabling true worship of the Father.

This saving power of God abounds again as presented in the holy mystery of Christmas.

God is indeed with us.

God is Emmanuel.

He is the one who instructs us with the Inaugural Address, the sermon on the mount.


We want to keep it lit like the illuminating statues at my bedside as I grew up.  Like the Infant of Prague, perhaps, like that in the tent at the bedside of the US General in Iraq, Schwarzkopf.

We all like this Light, I'm sure.

Keep the light burning brothers and sister!

As the song singer shouts:

"Don't let the light go out!"


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