Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Time

How refreshing is new time with new leadership, fresh food, and more.

With a new pope came fresh air.

That's obvious as Time's Man of the Year captures the world.

His heart, his pastoral care and inclusivity, and, his holiness grips the globe.

For sure.

Would that this were true elsewhere.

Would that each diocese took to his style and grace.

Would that his posture send local leaders living out his approach.

Like a family, the church needs conversations like that of Pope Francis.

He talks with people rather than from a script.

Dialogue is the "stuff" of families.

Everyone enjoys being included.

Francis is showing us the way.

And, the world.

Along with local leadership.

He is.

Officials will make a difference in Detroit and elsewhere when they take their lead from this pope who follows Jesus Christ, for sure.

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