Saturday, January 25, 2014

Thanks to the Governor!

My heart bursts with gratefulness to our Michigan Governor Rick Snyder these days.

At his State of the Union Address, so to speak, he challenged legislators to press the federal government to balance the budget.

He did.

Families have to also.

I do as well.

Too bad the entire Lansing, MI., audience was unwilling to stand on both sides with applause!

Growing up is in order.

Working for the common good is the ideal aim.

Division and lack of unity fractures only further.

It does!

Too bad!

And, his proposal for professional immigrants to get visas to Detroit, MI., and, to come and enjoy the Motor City is another occasion to thank the Gov for helping my hometown grow again and rise up from the ashes.

Such welcoming has always been part of our story of this grand Nation.

It includes my own grandparents and more.

Thank you Governor!

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