Thursday, January 9, 2014

Pastoral Life Director is Married Man Leading Parish In Oakland, CA.

A well of workers in a Catholic Church in need of leaders of local parishes.

That's was a trend that began to grow in the 80s but was left to dwindle, the independent National Catholic Reporter writes.

In the Diocese of Oakland, California, for example, Steve Mullin, is considered pastor when parishioners are asked who is this married pastoral life director.

The dynamic All Saints Parish he has led for a dozen years, is vibrant.

Yet, Mullin wonders why the weekend-only Catholics aren't more involved.

So, he's  training others to ask them after Mass some weekend.

Why isn't Detroit, among other struggling, resident-pastor parishes following this seeming success story?

Could it be that bishops don't like those they have little control over to lead?

Unless bishops have ordained men in parishes, they let the leadership of others go by the wayside.

And, parishes lose again, sad to admit.

When will we ever learn?

Or, let go of control and hand it over?

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