Wednesday, May 25, 2011

At Our Core Is Longing for Creator

At one's center and core is a longing for God in each of us creatures made in God's image and likeness.

The culture of corruption will change when this Source alone is recognized, while love of God and neighbor is embraced by parents, among others, in rearing youngsters.

No other way works.

We've tried our own failed ways.

As crime and corruption continue to fill this culture, realization of God's place in one's life, will alone morph and mend a broken and lost society.

The Golden Rule has to be embraced again.

Band-aid solutions and symptoms of a broken system must give way to the root cause of
all the problems we face today.

Spiritual leaders say that unless God is the ground of one's being, the path now pursued will continue in destruction.

The task to engage God again will not be easy, however. Resistance will be met, and, one's
own solutions will continue to be futilely proposed.

We must try God's path.

Letting go of tried and failed ways will be met with much countering by many.

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