Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Drugs and Kids at U.S.Border

Repeated stories tell of young children who serve as
carriers of drugs for dealers along the U.S. and Mexican

What are we doing raising youngsters in a corrupt way
of life that keeps the U.S. and Mexican economy spiking?

On the backs and minds of our youth, leaders must stand
up and speak out against this horror.

While this corruption of the hearts and minds of our children
has been tolerated for decades, and more, government and others
need to stop this crime at ports of entry, and elsewhere.

Daily, I listen to families who know what it is like to be gripped by
the demonic drug cartel, particularly, sons and daughters.

Led by bad example, adults must be challenged to stop this business
now that hurts kids, and households alike, let alone communities and schools.

Border patrol is obviously insufficient to do the job. Others must
help now to save our kids from this devilish behavior.

Children are sacred and social creatures like the rest of us.

However, they will live what they learn from corrupt leaders.

This is no time for silence, and, therefore, complicity in this crime,
God help us all.

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