Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Is A Special Month

When John Paul II is beatified today on his way to being canonized as saint of the Catholic Church, May is a month that is full of important memories, including Mother's Day, and,
Memorial Day.
In my previous blog, I noted how the Late Pope John Paul II electrified Pontiac and Detroit young people when he arrived in Motown September 18, 1987.

Mother's Day is marked. First Communion for many young second-grade students is celebrated along with their first observance of the sacrament of Penance or confession. And, Memorial Day concludes the month as Americans recall our living and deceased soldiers, including my brother, Lucas, who was killed in Vietnam in 1968.

Mary, who is revered by Catholics, and, Muslims alike, is given this entire month for fans to
honor and recall her virtue with events such as May crowning, the rosary, and more.

Mary is mentioned often in the Koran, and, Jesus is noted in the Muslim scriptures more times
than their own prophet.

On Monday, May 9th starting at 10:30 am in the Fraser Public Library, Mother's Day and Memorial Day will be the theme of some talks about the history of these two great days, and, on the nonviolent Jesus of the sacred scriptures that I will deliver.

The fresh aroma of flowers everywhere fills the air now.

Flowers will be placed in the hands of mom this month, at the altar of Mary, the Mother of God, and, on graves at Mt. Olivet Cemetary in Detroit, MI., where my brother is buried.

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