Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rewards for Integrity

So. . . Singapore is said to be the least corrupt of nations. And, Africa imagined ways to reward
integral lives and leaders with billion-dollar awards to honest leadership.

It took some time to find an honest awardee, but after a few years in the search, one leader
won the prize for integrity.

Imagine that?

What if that old-fashioned virtue and strength of honesty over corruption and greed is highlighted as a value in America again? Virtue is sytlish, and, in again.

Sounds like how relationships were intended to engage with the Golden Rule of the Creator, and,
the ten commandments that became suggestions since so many people were living corrupt and dishonest lives that the urgency of virtues took a back seat.

But, watch out!

God's law is surfacing again by imaginative leaders who no longer want to reward drug cartels, dishonesty, and, other curruptions in cultures all around the globe.

Finally, those who are to lead are beginning to lead once more as they chase out what has been called sin from time immemorial. That missing of the mark, called sin, is going the way of dinosaurs. Celebrate in the streets for this latest movement catching on now.

Rewarding good is meritorious, while it pushes the possibility of sin and selfishness out of the center that it is when ego has to take front and focus in people lives, and, in their relationships with each other.

Recently, I heard how a family couldn't trust its own members given that they were stealing from each other.

Imagine that!

Accentuating the positive law of love of God is the way to go. There are leaders around, at least in Africa and Singapore, reports prove, who favor intergrity.

We'll all be better for them.

And, watch the momentum mount as others follow suit.

And, so will the world's ways refuse wickedness again, thanks be to God.

Leaders will stand up against evil, while so many still remain sitting, saying nada, nothing, zip!

Rise up for truth and integrity now!

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