Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Time for Light

Once, a teacher of mine noted on the black board with chalk: Wait for the light. 

The Advent season of a month's length for Christians marking the anniversary of the nativity, brings this story to mind today.

My high school classmates responded to the comment.

Some liked it.

One gal said it was important to have hope with even a little light.

Sister Mary Emily said she saw the sentence on a sign by a traffic light at the intersection of Harper and Van Dyke where my home church of Saint Thomas the Apostle once sat since its start in 1927.

A requiem for that edifice was a very troubling time for parishioners who fought to keep it open.

As churches close due to a lack of clergy and imagination to staff them beyond only clerics, we need Advent.

It starts Sunday.

Christians will hear Scripture passages about Saint John the Baptist's call for morphing and mending.

Repentance also.

We'll hear of Emmanuel, meaning, God with us!

And, bells will sound when the Good Book tells us of how "he pitched his tent" among us.

Wait for the light.



Be awake.

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