Friday, November 16, 2012

Mystical Prayer

A mystic is one who is head over heel in love with God.

And, mystical prayer is prayer of silence where one encounters the Divine at his or her center and still point.

These contemplative prayer paths are my preferred way of connecting with the Creator twice daily for twenty-minute sessions of quiet mindlessness.  For over three decades this practice has consumed me.

Here, noise and chatter is gently shut down.

In the near future, perhaps by the latter part of May in 2014, I would like to host a pilgrimage of silence to the Castilla and Leon regions of Spain where two revered mystics, Saints John of the Cross and Teresa of Avila were born, resided, and are buried today.

John of the Cross rests in Segovia in a chapel in an edifice and residence that he crafted.  It is in the rural farms on the encircling Segovia.

I would relish sitting in this chapel repeating my mantra litany, "my beloved," when distractions come and pull me away from my prayer practice also known as centering prayer.

Or, I'd savor a walk in Spain's nature wrapped in the lap of the Lord and Maker of man and woman.

Avila, Spain is a day's trip from Segovia.

There sits the Monastery of the Incarnation where Teresa lived much of her time on earth.  Although she was 20 years older than John of the Cross, he was a guide, or, a spiritual director for her.

She was attached to her visions, John believed.  She could not detach from them, writers note.  She found another director for the path of holiness. That was a sure sign that she was attached and could not let go.

Although much of this description is a contemplative and solitary one, I welcome others to join me on the path for a pilgrimage to Spain.


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