Thursday, November 15, 2012

Women Deacons?

Let the conversation continue about women as deacons in the Catholic Church, a role exclusive of men only.  But, debate sides with early tradition of "the way" with Priscalla, among others, living out their femininity as faithful deacons.

This emerging and renewed debate now is well over a hundred years old in the talking.  And, I'm told, when something is explored and commonly pursued over a century, it may become practice, even law.

At least, that's what I recall.

It's all about seeking truth.  Kernals that everyone embraces according to the ancient Augustine of Hippo.

Paths of truth must be taken.

Voices rise renewed for women as deacons.

Who wonders, other than Catholics, that females should be deacons?

Clearly, more than solely male tones at national meetings of leaders to witness and share Christian identity in  the so-called new evangelization heralded about at synods and meetings of bishops is most welcomed, I bet.

I believe and hope in charity - the strengths and virtues that guide while prudence, justice, temperance and justice are in the same front seat driving toward the day of women deacons, and more to enhance the faith of followers of Jesus and his beloved community.

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