Saturday, November 24, 2012

Woof Makes a Visit

Visits with my two Bichons were not always easy.

They were growing, curious, even wildly wondering and wandering all over anyone's home when I took them for visits.

And, when left home alone, watch out!

Both were males.

Once I anguished over and gave one of these white and awesome pups to a needy lady who experienced the demise of her own, things changed with my solo dog, Woof.

No more domination by Wolf, his older brother!

No longer a back seat for Woof.

Last night, we decided to take some just-made, hot, Jewish stew to a friend.

Rabbi Mordehai Waldman gave me the recipe days before when I called him to invite him Monday, November 26 at 7 pm to Big Jack's in Roseville, MI., and, to the young adult Theology on Tap series starting December 26, and, January 2, at 5:30 pm at Big Jack's also.

The good rabbi said he would share about the 150 psalms and how they help him get through the holiday stress, and more.

"They're right up there next to our Pentateuch, the first five Hebrew books," he added.

So back to Woof who wouldn't leave after we packed a quart with a salad, crackers, and more, and left it with Marge and Donna.

Unaware of Woof's disdain for cars and driving in them with me, Marge said:

"He's so nice now. He wants to stay.  He's the one that would bite, no?"

I affirmed.

Biting no more. He morphed.

For months now, he's become a "new man," I mean a "new dog."

And, to think I'm his pleased and proud  trainer now.

Dog gone awesome, I wanted to sing.

Dog gone it!

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