Friday, November 23, 2012

Imagination on Black Friday

I didn't intend to shop today.

No way.

But, after a physical exam with the doctor at 8 am, I was near Meijer.

While walking through the aisle looking for the sales, I ended up by the turkey bin.

After discovering that I would pay only ten dollars for a $20 Butterball turkey if I bought another $20 worth of groceries, a parishioner appeared.  Limit one per customer.

We shared notes, and went our way.

But, that wasn't over.

Ron was looking for me. And, he happily found me, admitted this engineer.

He imagined a way that I could get the turkey if I added my few items to his basket. I didn't need much but I did want to buy a turkey. 

And, since he was getting a turkey also, we took care of checking out my groceries first, at his request.

Ron combined our items and then took his to his car and aimed to come back into the store
to complete his list, do some more shopping, and, get his additional $20 worth of groceries for a half-priced turkey.

But. . .wait. . .there more in this turkey tale.  Much more.

He refused to let me pay him for my share of the groceries.

"My gift, Father,"  he said.

Protestation from me did little good as heads began to turn toward us.  And, our dispute!

Generous, I thought.

Imagination.  And generosity.

Surprises continue to follow me.

God is like that daily, I find.

And, all I need do is to be grateful for imangination, generosity, and, folks who still find ways to imagine how to get a job done, how to work together, and, how to get me a turkey at half price without all the unncecessary trimmings.

God's big heart, so to speak, swells for each of us always.

An enlarged heart.

Full.  Real full.

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