Saturday, November 17, 2012

Indifference Manifests As Frozen Heart

Mediocrity, unimportant, apathy, no interest or feeling, inert, inactive, unwilling to imagine more and be passionate.

Like a litany list indifference is defined online, in Funk and Wagnall.

What can I do anyway?

So much sadness everywhere and who needs some Catholic guilt about my cold-heartedness so often.

Perhaps its overload of pain poking through the globe, in homes, into hearts.

So much of it around everywhere it seems, my own, others: INDIFFERENCE.

Like a frozen heart, numbed by carelessness about a way out of the seeming impasse of Israel, Gaza, the West Bank.

Indifference is a frozen heart.  It kills the life out of one, of me.

It hurts one's heart and prevents mending, morphing, healing and reconciliation.

And, here I go again thinking that peace is manufactured and made with my friends, acquaintances, colleagues.

It's made with one's enemies.

A native son of that traumatized land knew that, taught that, lived it, said it often.

Love your enemies; do good to those who hate you.

Jesus said it.

Yes, but he  . . .

I better take heed.

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  1. Lift up the underdog and stand in solidarity with poor. Thank you Dr Ventline.