Sunday, January 20, 2013

Doping, Denying and Duplicity

The truth sets one free.

That sage advice comes from Jesus in the Christian srciptures.

After years of denying any doping, Lance Armstrong's life of duplicity was face with Oprah Winfrey.

With lesss than a month before Catholics, among others, start the penitential season of 40 days of intense prayer, fasting and almsgiving - pillars of Lent - these events of this cyclist came to mind.

Mardi Gras also emerged.

European celebrations of carnivals brought about this practice.

People don't know who one is when a mask is put on to one's face.

Taking off the masks one wears is the best policy.

Being true to who one is allows one to live in the true self beyond the false, fake self.

Denial of addictive behavior, lies, deceit and duplicity only traps one deeper into her or his ways.

People seem so willing to forgive.

Countless times, the Good Book, invites people to forgive one another.

Releasing the toxin of sin is the way out of doping, denying and duplicity.

"The truth will set you free,"  Jesus was to have said when he walked the earth in his distinguished and divine ministry.

He's always right.

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