Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Fraught with Fear and Pressed Under the Gun in This Nation

Since 9/11, Americans have wrapped themselves in fear.

So much of it.

And, it freezes us in our steps. 

It keeps people from moving ahead, healing, recovering, reaching out.

People close in on themselves with fear.

We're under the gun also.

We worry about the next massacre.

Sunday night, after a service at the Blessed Sacrament Cathedral on Woodward, I headed south
toward downtown Detroit to a coney for my passenger.

When we emerged from my car, gunshots rang out in succession.

I ignored them.

So did Dennis who I was with at the time.

Fear paralyzes people.

And, when we're under the gun, how will we ever move forward?

How will we care for each other?

Alienation and separation will heighten.

Will distrust reign and steer indifference?

We are in a bind.

Only imagination to stop the violence will bring a quality of life and security that sets us free from fear.

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