Saturday, January 19, 2013

When A Friend Is Sick in the Hospital

Over a week ago last Thursday, a friends of mine, was rushed to the hospital.

Tests finally determined a growth on his spine fill of bacteria infiltrating his system, he reported to me earlier today on the phone.

Surgery is an option.

But, his own physician was to see him today.

Other ways of treating and dissolving the problem with medicine are being explored amid the antibiotics pervading his his body since his arrival in intensive care where he remains.

Attempting to avoid the clinical side, we talked about his attitude, and the predicament that requires prayer for healing, for sure.

After a blessing over him the other day, I left the West Bloomfield, Michigan hospital.

When I was in my car another prayer was said.

Life is fragile.

One just never knows.

Upon retirement recently, this pastor was relishing his seven decades of life now.  He was free from administrative duties.  Months later he waits, wonders, and, hopes for healing of his temple that prayer will bring with the healing hands of his caregivers.

Our Lady of the sick, pray for us!

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