Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fiddler's Tradition!


Fiddler on the Roof's melody marks my memory about this savored, cherished and revered tradition.

Who else leads on traditions besides the stage players in Fiddler?

Are slogans real?  Does "liberal" squeeze out any room for tradition?

Is much of the culture selfish as pundits chime in?  Is the traditional way my family of nine was raised dubbed as less than adequate these days?

If so, why?

I know the culture is a busy one. I tire of hearing how busy people are zooming in this Internet buzz.

Almost everyone I talk with seems to suggest that she or he is "too busy to get together."

Go figure.

Too much to do to be family also?

Makes me wonder.

So much going that I don't know my neighbors driving out of their attached garage in the condominium next door?  And, prefer it that way, they say, and imply often!

So busy!

With seven children and four in diapers when they were cloth, I never heard my parents say that they were "too busy."

Must be a new fad.

At least, a more recent fad, attachment, addictive disorder, in fact, interfering with family's well functioning.

Furthermore, my parents didn't have all the gadgets, microwaves, and high-tech toys that vowed to give us more time together.

And, we wonder about family fracturing.

I have to wonder why when the foundation of society is crumbling before our eyes.

Some yawn.  Others are too busy to be aware and take notice of this epidemic today.

Who will lead with altruistic, common good values and virtues these days?


And, if not you, why not?

If not now, when?

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