Thursday, January 24, 2013

"The Measure of Love Is to Love Without Measure"

Among the great human beings, who called for conversion, holiness, and morphing until his death in 1622, was Francis de Sales.

According to Robert Ellsberg's ALL SAINTS:DAILY REFLECTIONS ON SAINTS, PROPHETS, AND WITNESSES FOR OUR TIME, St. Francis de Sales was a spiritual director and bishop who called for moderation and charity as a way to restore church vitality.

He earned a doctorate in law but chose to be a priest over a lawyer.

His feast day is celebrated today the world over in the Catholic Church.

AN INTRODUCTION TO THE DEVOUT LIFE, a manual of devotions, is a classic book on spirituality that de Sales wrote.

His was a life of poverty and exceptional ways, founding an Order of the Visitation  with a widow, Jeanne de Chantal as first superior.

He relied on alms and served Geneva from 1602 as a bishop.

During this season called, Ordinary Time, in the life of the Church, the Scriptures proclaimed at daily Mass and on Sunday are about the public ministry of Jesus.  The call of his disciples, his intimate followers, is announced also in the Bible.

Doing ordinary things with love is what holiness calls Christians to be about each day.  Simply that.
Nothing extraordinary is required but charity.

Loving God with one's entire heart and being, however, is required of saints, and, the faithful like ourselves.

We are called to be holy in the ordinary, mundane living each day at home, at work, at school, and, at play. 

Marks of holiness and baptismal ministry include humility, tranquility, and, an ability to "let go" of attachments, causes, and more, that derail one from holiness. 

Holiness aims for union with God.

Seeking God's Will in all things to follow the Creator is a clarion call today.

It is possible.

Keeping one's eyes on Christ will steer one home.

Saint Francis de Sales did it amid having so much, being so learned, yet, so saintly living in poverty.

Saints challenge us to do as much.

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