Friday, January 4, 2013

Moses Anderson, Society of Saint Edmund, Detroit Pastor

Eternal rest grant unto Moses Anderson, O Lord, and, let perpetual light shine upon him!

Back in 1981 Bishop Anderson was quick to write a check to the soup kitchen when he visited at Saint Christine Catholic Church in Brightmoor, on Detroit's northwest side at Fenkell near Lahser Roads where the Monsginor Clement Kern Center, and the Bishop Dale Melczek Hall, and two-family home and office I resided in then, remains active today.

A generous heart.

An enlarged heart of God for people everywhere from Precious Blood Church where he was a pastor, to Ghana in Africa, to Livonia, and beyond.

With a huge hand, a hearty grip, and an embrace of a loving shepherd, Moses, came to Michigan from Alabama where he was a professor and a pastor who was cleaning the floor where he lived, when he was called to the order of bishop.

Although he seemed to keep a very low profile, when he spoke up, when he still shadowed chief shepherds here, his song and soul and spirit sounded loudly.  His melodies and music rang out tunes and hymns that engaged others with his deep, personal relationship with Jesus.

Out loud, and away from his Detroit diocese, out-of-state, he spoke up as he felt that America was back-peddling when it came to race relations that remain raw today.

How much more people wanted from this civil rights leader.

Perhaps, left unencouraged, to voice the clarion call to justice, he quietly ministered without much drama.

His generous giving of himself will be remembered most by me. 

When we visited weeks ago, he seemed content, at peace, and full of eight decades of life, of love.

A delightful smile, and, a presence that was attentive, Moses Anderson, a man of God, will be missed.

His mark for Jesus lives on always, I trust, I pray.

I am gladdened by his life that touched so many others, and, mine in the City of Detroit.

Our help is in the name of the Lord, who made Heaven and Earth!

Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee!

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